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Whether you’re looking for some extra cash or looking to finance another vehicle, selling your car or truck can easy or difficult, depending upon which route you go. Those who try to sell their vehicles privately often wait weeks or even months for qualified buyers only to have to pay hefty taxes and penalties for the sale. offers a streamlined, hassle-free and honest car purchasing experience so you never have to wait for your pay day. We offer some of the most competitive payouts in the NYC, NJ, PA and CT areas, and we’re looking forward to doing business with you. Call today at 347-602-9333.

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We understand that customers are often reluctant to sell their cars or trucks to leasing companies or dealerships. They fear that they’re going to be lowballed and walk away feeling taken advantage of. offers a different and more honest type of process to help you sell your car. Our experienced and qualified staff will evaluate your vehicle based on several factors, including age, condition, mileage and more. We ask that customers bring as many of the vehicle’s service records as possible so we can get an honest idea of its actual condition. After appraising your car, we will make you a competitive offer that you can accept on the spot.

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One of the ways has been able to build our unparalleled inventory of cars and trucks is through purchasing quality, low-mileage and clean vehicles from private buyers like yourself. We understand how important these types of transactions are in the ongoing success of our business and we are determined to make them work. The process begins by contacting our friendly and honest professionals to schedule an appraisal. Once you accept our offer, we will gladly provide pick-up of your vehicle at your home or office in NYC, NJ, PA and CT. Call at 347-602-9333 to begin the process of selling your car or truck.

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